Educating Children for World of Tomorrow


Educating Children For the World of Tomorrow


Who are we ?

Sandbox and Co. (SBX) is a millennial education company with engaging online educational products and services that make learning fun.  Our goal is to help millennial children acquire the knowledge and skills they’ll need for today…and tomorrow.

Founded in December 2014, SBX has created a platform in order to enable the development of cutting edge products, optimise monetisation of the products and scale the products across existing and new markets

The group is made up of award-winning products, platforms and brands including Hopster, Tinybop, SuperAwesome, Poptropica, TeacherVision, FamilyEducation and more. Together, they currently reach over 20 million children, teachers and parents worldwide, every month.

Why we do it?

Millennial children are under enormous pressure, perhaps more than any other generation.  Automation and digitization are reducing the number of career opportunities for the under-educated, making a quality education increasingly imperative for children who aspire to a higher standard of living. The global competition for admission to a finite number of top colleges and universities has never been more intense. Children everywhere, at every level, need as much help as they can get. We are committed to provide that help to students and their educators.

SBX believes that engaged children are more enthusiastic, less stressed-out, more successful learners.  So, we’ve assembled, and continue to build, a group of companies focused on learning through interactivity, creativity, exploration and personalization. SBX brands embrace technological advancements (AR/VR), focus on globally relevant core subjects (ELA, STEM), capitalize on children’s interests (music, sports, games), and help develop 21st century skills (critical thinking, problem solving, digital literacy, mindfulness, innovation).

The SBX group is at the forefront in providing engaging online educational content and tools. We are constantly on the lookout for the next innovation. We are committed to achieving our mission by providing an unparalleled ecosystem of engaging learning tools accessible to children, teachers and parents around the world, in any location, at every age.